Wow, what a great weekend!  I headed out to the Artisan’s Market on Thursday to do some shopping of my own.  As I pulled up to the store my little shopping buddy exclaimed, “Woah, look at all the people at Mama’s Happy!”  Neither he or I could have ever imagined the crowd that we were entering into.  The weather was glorious and it was so much fun to bump into friends and family that made there way out. I was able to make a couple purchases but the activities for the kids were our home base.

The weather stayed perfect for the rest of the weekend and it was a huge success.  By the time the vendors rolled out on Saturday evening over 4000 people had come out to support the local artists.  I am so inspired by the fantastic work of the other vendors.  For an introvert this weekend was strangely energizing.  Here is a link to pictures from the event.


One thought on “Inspired

  1. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Wish I could have been there. I’m so happy for you that it was a huge success. Keep the beautiful things coming!!!


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