Mama’s Happy August Sale


This spring I was asked if I would come on as a guest vendor at Mama’s Happy in Independence for the months of August, September, and October.  It was an opportunity that I knew would stretch me, but also be an amazing creative outlet.  The number of hours that went into preparing for the first month exceeded my expectations, yet I found out exactly how much can get accomplished in one month of concentrated effort.

Last night was the first night of our occasional sale.  It felt so amazing to step back, see it all pulled together, interact with the happy customers (shopping and sipping wine while the flood waters poured down outside).  All us mama’s had our paint and sawdust cleaned off of us, put on nice clothes and could enjoy our weeks of hard word.  All the spaces look amazing and have their own flavor.  The creamery gets transformed in unspeakable ways in the days leading up to the sale.  There are four more days left of the sale, come on out if you have a chance and feast your eyes on all the beautiful home decor.  There is something for everyone.

7888 County Rd 6 (Watertown Rd)

Independence , MN 55359

Wednesday 6-9

Thursday-Saturday 10-6

Sunday noon-5

Here are are some pictures of the space I share with another mama.  We have a deconstructed theme this month.

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