Hollywood Regency Chairs


Sometimes we think we know what direction we are going and for some reason or another we just can’t get there and have to change course.  Back in November I found a pair of free Lewittes Hollywood Regency style chairs. Research informed me that they are quite valuable even in vintage condition, but the foam on the back was deteriorating and I knew they needed some love.  Not to mention gold velvet just doesn’t have the look that most people like these days.  I had this wonderful vision for them to be Hollywood glam with high gloss black paint and some really beautiful black and gold fabric I purchased, but I sat on this vision for six months and never executed it…probably because I knew the look would appeal to only a select group of buyers.  So when I was asked to have two chairs at the July occasional sale for Mama’s Happy and found out the theme for the space was Maine/coastal/cottage I decided that these chairs would work just perfectly and abandoned my vision to appeal to a greater audience.


I painted them in ASCP Chateau Grey to freshen up the wood and cane.  Recently I had purchased some wool/linen blend fabric for some other chairs and realized it was not going to be a good fit for them, but it ended up being a wonderful fit for these chairs albeit a nightmare to sew with.  To finish them off I covered the backs in matching coffee sacks and glued on a green and brown trim.

They look fantastic with all the other beautiful pieces out at Mama’s Happy Independence.  I forgot to take a picture of the space after we set up but will add one when I go out to the sale on Wednesday.

A before picture to show how far they came


Here are some pictures of the July occasional sale out at Mama’s Happy.  Lots of fun stuff!



One thought on “Hollywood Regency Chairs

  1. Oh my gosh, they are beautiful!!!! I’ve got to see them in real life! Congratulations on doing such wonderful work.


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