Coffee Sack Arm Chair


Repurposing jute coffee sacks for upholstery has become such a fun way for me to infuse some personality into furniture. While I don’t mean to suggest that animal print fabric lacks personality, it just is not my thing and I don’t think it every will be.  It fact I am not sure if I know anyone who has a home that the ‘before’ chair would have fit in.  I feel like the ‘after’ could fit in almost any space….entry area, office, dining set, fireside, living room, bedroom.


This chair made it’s way over to Mama’s Happy yesterday.  Speaking of Mama’s Happy I will be bringing out a couple chairs to the July occasional sale in Independence and then will be a guest vendor for the months of August, September and October.  I am excited to expand beyond chairs and experiment with a larger space.  All of the Mama’s Happy stores are special, but the Independence location is really fun.  It is a nice drive 15 minutes out into the country and the shop is located in the old Lyndale Creamery.  It is an occasional shop open for only 5 days a month (Wednesday-Sunday the second week of each month) and draws quite a crowd.


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