I was super excited to deliver this chair to Mama’s Happy today.  As a coffee lover, I can only hope that someone will spend hours sitting in this chair drinking coffee and reading a book.  It is big, comfy, and has tons of character.

Craigslist interactions can be so funny.  When my husband picked up this chair and informed the man that I was planning to redo it, he replied that I would not have to do anything to the chair because it was in such good condition.  He was proud to let him know that the fabric came from Egypt and was in excellent condition.  My husband used the word putrid to describe the fabric to me and it literally disintegrated when I touched it because it was a very light weight silk which was never meant for upholstery.  Needless to say I felt no guilt ripping the fabric off and giving this great chair a new (and in my opinion, better) identity.

I was able to get my hands on some jute coffee sacks and really wanted to try to use them on an upholstery project.  Coffee sacks are unique and have lots of character but would not be comfortable to sit on so I paired it with taupe linen to not only make it handsome but also comfortable.  For this chair I ventured into the darker shades of Annie Sloan Chalk paint and used graphite paint on the wood and buttons.

I had the opportunity to learn some new skills on this chair such as button tufting, as well as having to navigate challenges such as having a zipper split just when I thought I was on my final step.  It may have taken me way longer than I expected, but when it was all said and done it was worth it.


4 thoughts on “Dina

  1. Becky, this chair turned out so awesome! I can’t see one thing about it that I don’t love. The the fabrics and colors go together so well☕️


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