Linen Bergère



A little while ago a friend brought me a wonderful bergère chair.  It instantly became a great place to read.  The upholstery on the chair was a tradition peach and cream French fabric and in decent condition but it just didn’t do much for our space or fit my style.

One of the only before pictures

I found a nice large remnant of some greenish grey Robert Allen linen at my favorite online fabric resource, that just happened to be from the same collection as my wingback fabric.  This chair had a million upholstery nails lining every border.   I loved them, but after spending days popping them off with my children’s help I vowed they would not go back on.  Bergère chairs are quite straightforward to upholster with the hardest part being the seat cushion.  With its elaborate coil construction and wide front it is stiff and not compatible with a zipper closure and instead needed to be hand sewn.  On an outing to Hobby Lobby  with the kids I found the perfect trim which by some chance matched to a tee without having a swatch to compare and had the exact yardage needed left on the spool.


We are going to get much use out of this chair in our living room.  In a home that less than a year ago felt like it was dominated by kid-friendly style and lacked the feeling of being a grown up space,  this chair adds a nice touch of luxury and is fit for a queen.  Now to finish the coordinating ottoman so we can kick our feet up and read.



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