Woven Wingback

imageAnother chair ready to head over to Mama’s Happy in the City.  This chair was without a doubt a labor of love.  I purchased the chair in the fall and forgot to give it a good sniff test.  The weather had just turned and it was too cold to work on the chair outdoors.  When I got it home I realized that the upholstery was filled with the odor of smoke.  I couldn’t bear the smell so, it sat in the garage all winter while I contemplated whether I should just accept that I made a bad purchase.  Then a few weeks ago we got a glorious springlike Saturday and I was able to take the chair in the front yard and strip it all the way down.

The caning on the sides was in moderated condition but was a larger size and felt dated, so I ripped it all off and decided that I would replace it by weaving in cotton webbing.  The whole chair got sprayed down with several coats of shellac to address the smoke smell and I began to have hope for the chair again.  I painted the frame with Annie Sloan Old Ochre and went with my trusty safe color scheme for fabric.


My eldest and I had a fun time weaving the cotton webbing onto the sides.  I mention this because he was lamenting that he never gets any credit for his contributions in reupholstering the chairs.  He thinks weaving is one of the best things ever.

I am so pleased with how this chair turned out and glad that I was determined enough to not give up hope on it.  It is whimsical and eclectic and unique.  Hopefully someone else appreciates the style as much as I do.



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